Friday, June 19, 2009

Meet Our Family

Aaron & Sara We have been married for nearly eight years, how time flies.
Aaron is a General Contractor and spends the rare free time he has riding bikes in the desert, working on classic cars and working on our endless home improvements. He is a wonderful father and loves to spend time with the kids.
Sara is a budding quilter who spends her free time...wait I don't have any.
Her love for animals and crafts keeps her very busy, but she loves the desert, gardening and camping with family and friends.

... is a 6 year old version of his father.
Loves to tinker with things trying to figure out what makes them work. He loves any sport, and has recently discovered that reading is not that bad. He is such a sweetie who loves to look out for his younger siblings.

... a spunky energetic silly boy. Maddox is 5, and loves to learn! He's not such a contact sports guy, but he says "golf and tennis are okay." He loves animals, and always keep his family laughing with his silly sayings and His impeccable timing.

... 2...going on 14, won't wear it unless it 'SPINS', Hates it when her "hair looks like a lion". She is perfectly content being the youngest, and the only girl and isn't really sure how she feels about 2 baby girl cousins taking up her claimed space on grandma's lap. She loves to reminding mommy that "mommy doesn't look like a princess." Can't leave home with out something sparkly and a silky blanket. She is smart (too smart) and with the influence of 2 teenage aunties close by, she always keeps us laughing!!!


...are so special. We were lucky enough to have a GREAT 1st grade teacher, Ms Whiteley, who was wonderful & perfect for Aiden. Maddox just finished 2 years of preschool with Miss Tracey who has been the most fun preschool teacher EVER! To thank them for being so wonderful the boys helped me make a great, & easy, flower frames.
I used a flower pattern from a past quilt I made with the help of the marvelous julie isa, (thanks julie), and made it to fit an 11x14" frame. Then I traced the boys names onto fabric tags and stitched them.

And of course we can't forget our wonderful classroom Aids. I took a tin and decorated it filling it with Sweet Treats.

Thank you Ms Whiteley!

We love you Ms Tracey!